LSH The Alliance is a partnership between Dutch trade associations that are active in the
so-called Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH). The LSH Alliance was formed in late 2010 with the goal to join forces and develop activities for the benefit of the companies within the top sector LSH. The LSH Alliance represents more than 900 companies and serves as a focal point for the Dutch government and other stakeholders.




Associatie van Contract Research Organisaties (ACRON)

FHI – Federatie van Technologiebranches


The ACRON is the association of Dutch contract research organizations (and Site Management Organizations) and represents its members toward business partners and politics.



John Blank
T + 31 85 02 90 192

E info@acron.nl

I www.acron.nl


The Dutch trade association for medical technology unites approximately 125 manufacturers and suppliers with a combined total turnover in the Dutch care of around 1.6 billion euros. The product range of our members is very diverse and ranges from specific disposabels to high-tech medical capital goods.



Luc Knaven

T +31 33 465 75 07

E info@fhi.nl

I www.fhi.nl



FME is the Dutch employers' organisation in the technology industry. The 2,300 affiliated companies employ a total of 225,000 people and are active in the fields of manufacturing, trade, automation and maintenance in the metal, electronics, electrotechnology and plastics sectors. Life Sciences & Health is one of the clusters of FME.



Edwin Dekker

T +31 79 353 11 00

E LifeSciencesHealth@fme.nl

I www.fme.nl


Holland HealthTech


Medtech Partners

Holland HealthTech is the trade association for medical technology in the Netherlands. Members include companies that develop, manufacture and/or market (among others) medical equipment, peripherals and software.



Kees van der Sluijs
T + 31 79 353 14 19

E hollandhealthtech@fme.nl

I www.hollandhealthtech.nl


HollandBIO is the Dutch biotech industry association connecting, supporting and representing aporoximately 120 medical, agro-food and industrial biotech companies.



Annemiek Verkamman

T + 31 70 337 87 64

E info@hollandbio.nl

I www.hollandbio.nl

Medtech Partners is an innovation network that aims to overcome existing barriers, such as the formation of production, sales and distribution consortia, attracting (seed) funding and the completion of the various research and development stages for the introduction of promising medical technological inventions in the Netherlands.



Bart Blokhuis
T +31 26 355 13 55

E info@medtechpartners.nl

I www.medtechpartners.nl


Association Innovative Medicines


Taskforce Healthcare

The Association Innovative Medicines is the industry association for the Dutch branches of innovative (bio)pharmaceutical companies.



Peter Bertens

T + 31 70 313 22 22

E info@innovativemedicines.nl

I www.innovativemedicines.nl

Nefemed is the industry associations of producers, importers and traders of medical devices.



Roelf van Run

T + 31 13 594 43 42

E nefemed@wispa.nl

I www.nefemed.nl


The Task Force Health Care (TFHC) is a public-private platform of the Dutch LSH sector. The aim of the TFHC within the Netherlands is to pool forces, knowledge and experiences. Internationally TFHC is active with the positioning and promotion of the Netherlands as a country with sustainable and innovative healthcare solutions.



Peter Post

T + 31 70 21 99 000

E info@tfhc.nl

I www.tfhc.nl


In addition to regular quarterly meetings, the LSH Alliance is also involved, initiator and organizer of various strategic consulting activities with the government and the Health~Holland team where she represented the interests of the LSH sector.


In addition, the LSH Alliance is closely involved in the international profiling of the LSH sector and is regularly present during economic (health care) mission, led by the Royal couple, Prime Minister Rutte and/or the Ministers Kamp, Ploumen or Schippers. See here for a list of upcoming economic (healthcare) missions, operations abroad and relevant congresses and meetings.









Health-Holland Guide 2015


International Opportunities & Obstacles; investigation of and for the
Dutch Life Sciences & Healthcare sector


Instrument Overview "Support to International Doing Business'
Top Sector Life Sciences & Health 2015


Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2016-2019


International Strategy Topsector LSH (in Dutch)



For general questions please contact Peter Bertens (Secretary of the LSH Alliance) via  info@lshalliance.nl.